My name is Yvonne Moniek Kommers. On FB you can follow me under Kommers Reborn Art.

6 years ago, while recovering from acquired brain injury, I was looking for something to occupy my days. Before my accident, I made art in Photoshop. But using a computer has become too difficult. I have sensory processing disorders that literally make me sick from too many stimuli and information, such as watching TV or reading.

 When I happened to hear about lifelike baby dolls and how they are made, I thought; hey, that's just like in photoshop, but in real life. I tried it out on an old baby doll to see if it would actually turn out as I thought, and then I went to buy my first things at the fair in 's Hertogenbosch. It gives me structure and daily activities and a lot of satisfaction

Now we visite Dollshows and I made a few prototypes. It has changed my whole life for the better. We also run an online webshop voor reborn supplies in the Netherlands. I give classes.