Hello all, my name is Emily Holt living in New Zealand.
I am a self taught doll artist of over 10 years since February 2013 I am the owner of Little Poppit Nursery. 
I have always loved babies and dolls right from an infant, but what got me into realistic baby dolls was, I saw a doll magazine in 2009 with a featured doll Michelle kit by Evelina Wosnjuk.
I started with Ashton Drake dolls until I found the realistic baby dolls on a local trading website which has me hooked.
From about 2011 to 2013 I researched the reason behind the start of the realistic baby dolls, which spoke about them helping people for therapy, that's when in February 2013 my sister & I decided to give it a try ourselves.
My hope & dearest wish is for them to help other people which I know many of my now 100+ creations has over the years, as people have told me their amazing stories. My realistic baby dolls have now been adopted all over the world, which I love seeing picture updates.
My nursery page is @Little Poppit Nursery.