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We are all involved in the world of our beautiful reborns! This fantastic hobby brings many people together. Sculptors, Reborn Artists and Collectors.

At the moment this beautiful world has an ugly side;
illegal copies! We must stand together against this form of piracy otherwise it will destroy everything.

Let me tell you why...

It's no rocket science and not even illogical in that regard...

The sculptors work many hours, sometimes months to make a perfect sculpt.

To release it in Vinyl, there are high costs that must be paid upfront for material and making molds etc.

I can imagine it's very frustrating that after the prototypes are sold, the first productions of the fakes already start.


As a reborn lover, surely you must appreciate the sculptor's work?


The argument I hear constantly is that the kits are so expensive...

That's because its production isn't cheap either.


First of all! Let me be clear:

If you can't afford the original reborns, then this ain't a hobby for you!

I would also like to drive a Mercedes, but if I can't afford it, it doesn't mean it's okay to drive a stolen Benz.


Then the next question usually comes up: How is it possible that Alie Express, Wish or Amazone offer the same kits for so little money?


The Chinese counterfeit industry has not invested time in modeling the art, nor have they invested in making the molds.

They make a mold (without the artist's permission) from the original kits that are sent to them.
This makes the kit smaller than the original.


Because China has no treaties with Europe and the rest of the civilized world, they can ignore our safety regulations and rights, so they produce the vinyl with potentially toxic plasticizers and substances that are not considered as safe.

In addition, they produce large numbers in small factories where underage children are forced to work in bad environment and where human rights are still violated on a daily basis.



There is 1 factory in China where our beloved sculptors have their kits produced, because it does meet our standards, values and human rights! 

If you support the counterfeit industry, you also support human rights violations, child labor and theft

Is that worth saving 50 euro's? supporting this industry?


After that's been said...


This makes the . feel unappreciated, they have the feeling that they are working for the industry that abuses them.
Big names have already stopped producing their beautiful kits...
Many are still only releasing minimal numbers, otherwise they will be left with their production line because the customers would rather buy the stolen cheaper counterfeit.

If this continues, there will soon be no more kits produced at all.

Do you really love reborns???



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